My Name is Lisa and I Write Crap

I used to be so afraid of writing something horrible, that I wouldn’t write anything at all. I’d have a half-hour or so to myself and instead of getting as much down as I could, I’d type, delete, retype and delete again. I had to have perfect sentences formed from perfect ideas.

It didn’t work.

It took me years to finally learn to just write anything. Even if it’s crap (and it usually is first time around). But I’m finally OK with writing a crappy first draft. If it’s still crap when I’m completely done, well, that’s another problem all together.

I used to think, What if I died tomorrow and my family found this notebook full of god-awful first drafts? They’d think I was a terrible writer! If I can write only awesome sentences, they’ll realize what talent I had and be sorry they didn’t take more interest in my amazing stories…or something like that.

Anyway, now when I start writing a story (whether it’s a novel or a screenplay) I just let myself go and write crap. I can always go back and edit the junk, but I can’t edit a blank page.


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